The RAW FACE Project

We have a generation obsessed with looking like their social media idols, where it is slowly becoming difficult to differentiate from one to another.

Vitoria Dahara

Me: It's so hot I'm literally dying!

Vitoria: Yeah I'm sweating!

Me: It's working out for today, you look shiny

(30 secs later ...)

Me: OMG it's so hot!

Yes, it was stupidly hot day. Who would know with an expression like this <3

Alex the Mermaid

Amy Heather

Me:  So … I’ve been wanting to do something for a while, it might sound weird …

Amy: Ok tell me

Me: I like those shots where the hands are in the mouth haha!

Amy: Oh yeah I know the ones!

(Amy does some poses …)

Me: Oh, I actually want you to look like you’re eating your hands haha!

Oh I can be cruel …

Ivory Flame

I have no words ...

Taylor Thompson

Me: Ok so, wink and stick your tongue out.

Taylor: Haha! You do it!

Me: Damn! Ok here like this ... Oh I feel like an idiot! Now you do it.

Ok. Look like you're eating this flower ... :D

Olivia Meehl

Agency: Tanya Powell

When's the makeup artist getting here?
Me: Oh I didn't tell you? We're not having one today.
What?!! Oh shit I would've done my face if I had known! Shit!
Me: Oh sorry! It's the raw face project, a lot of it won't have any makeup (chuckling on the inside coz I'm evil).
Oh ok, well, I trust you.

Rachel Ey

Agency: Hermes Models

Me: There's something wrong. I don't know what it is.
(Rachel shuffles hair around for a few minutes)
Me: No, there's something wrong.
Shall I wet my hair?
Me: Yeah ...
(Rachel wets hair)
Hahaha sorry I just washed my hair so it's clean!
Me: Damn prepared model with clean hair! Hahaha

Alice Hayward

Agency: Finesse Models

HMUA: Ali Campanella

Me: Ok now push your lip up. No a bit less ... A bit more ... No push it more left ... less ...
(Poor Alice is pushing her lip around all over the place)
Me: Yep, that's just right, hold on ...
(Stares at photograph for days on end)

Ashie Luke

Me: Can you sit further into that bush?
("bush" has spikes!)

Weronika Mamot

Agency: Hermes Models

(After Mandy Nash arrives)
Oh my gosh watching you two work is like watching a dance!
Me: (on the inside ... reeeeeeeee!!!)

Olivia Rogers

HMUA: Kaz Gower

Me: Oh ... How do I credit this? All the makeup has been taken off ...
(Kaz looks at me, I'm trying to read her)
Me: I guess you did unmakeupify her (I'm making that a term)? HAHA!

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