The RAW FACE Project

We have a generation obsessed with looking like their social media idols, where it is slowly becoming difficult to differentiate from one to another.


The face of an angel. That is all.

Vitoria Dahara

Me: It's so hot I'm literally dying!

Vitoria: Yeah I'm sweating!

Me: It's working out for today, you look shiny

(30 secs later ...)

Me: OMG it's so hot!

Yes, it was stupidly hot day. Who would know with an expression like this <3

Alex the Mermaid

Amy Heather

Me:  So … I’ve been wanting to do something for a while, it might sound weird …

Amy: Ok tell me

Me: I like those shots where the hands are in the mouth haha!

Amy: Oh yeah I know the ones!

(Amy does some poses …)

Me: Oh, I actually want you to look like you’re eating your hands haha!

Oh I can be cruel …

Ivory Flame

I have no words ...

Taylor Thompson

Me: Ok so, wink and stick your tongue out.

Taylor: Haha! You do it!

Me: Damn! Ok here like this ... Oh I feel like an idiot! Now you do it.

Ok. Look like you're eating this flower ... :D

Olivia Meehl

Agency: Tanya Powell

When's the makeup artist getting here?
Me: Oh I didn't tell you? We're not having one today.
What?!! Oh shit I would've done my face if I had known! Shit!
Me: Oh sorry! It's the raw face project, a lot of it won't have any makeup (chuckling on the inside coz I'm evil).
Oh ok, well, I trust you.

Rachel Ey

Agency: Hermes Models

Me: There's something wrong. I don't know what it is.
(Rachel shuffles hair around for a few minutes)
Me: No, there's something wrong.
Shall I wet my hair?
Me: Yeah ...
(Rachel wets hair)
Hahaha sorry I just washed my hair so it's clean!
Me: Damn prepared model with clean hair! Hahaha

Alice Hayward

Agency: Finesse Models

HMUA: Ali Campanella

Me: Ok now push your lip up. No a bit less ... A bit more ... No push it more left ... less ...
(Poor Alice is pushing her lip around all over the place)
Me: Yep, that's just right, hold on ...
(Stares at photograph for days on end)

Ashie Luke

Me: Can you sit further into that bush?
("bush" has spikes!)

Weronika Mamot

Agency: Hermes Models

(After Mandy Nash arrives)
Oh my gosh watching you two work is like watching a dance!
Me: (on the inside ... reeeeeeeee!!!)

Olivia Rogers

HMUA: Kaz Gower

Me: Oh ... How do I credit this? All the makeup has been taken off ...
(Kaz looks at me, I'm trying to read her)
Me: I guess you did unmakeupify her (I'm making that a term)? HAHA!

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